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  • a
  • b
  • c
  • Membership Type

  • Lifetime Membership (Professionals)
  • Lifetime Membership (Students)
  • Corporate Membership
  • Platinum Corporate Membership
  • Gold Corporate Membership
  • Silver Corporate Membership
  • Cost

  • INR 5,000 (One-Time)
  • INR 3,000 (One-Time)
  • INR 1,00,000 (10 years)
  • INR 50,000 (10 years)
  • INR 30,000 (10 years)

(A) Membership Types

  1. Lifetime Membership (Professional) :    All professionals and Faculty working in the area of Cognitive Neuroscience.
  2. Lifetime Membership (Students): All non-professionals and students working (including PhD’s, Post Docs etc.) 
  3. Corporate Membership Corporate members will be provided stalls, etc., during annual conferences with concessional charges.

The EC may use its discretion to offer suitable memberships to all applicants who have demonstrated clinical/research experience in Cognitive Neuroscience and associated areas, and wish to work for furthering their contribution to brain-mind-behavior understanding.

B) Procedure for applying for Membership

  1. All those who wish to become members shall submit copies of their professional credentials to the General Secretary of CNSI. These may include copies of:
    1. Current professional affiliation,
    2. Degree certificates, certificates of clinical and research activities in the above specialty areas,
    3. Eligibility degree obtained and synopsis of research carried out, published research papers, and
    4. Certificates from Head of the Department for Student Membership.Applicants are requested to use the prescribed Form (Download Membership Form) for applying for the Membership.


  2. An applicant to membership shall get his application nominated by a Member of the Society.


  3. The Executive Committee will ratify the Secretary’s approval of a nominated applicant’s Membership by majority vote.

C) Administration of Memberships:

  1. The Secretary of CNSI (and Executive Secretaries) will look after the membership related matters until CNSI forms a Membership committee.
  2. The Secretary of CNSI will approve all new membership applications as per eligibility requirements and communicate the same to Executive Committee (EC).

D) Cancellation of Membership:

  1. If any member does not abide by the rules and regulations as brought out in these bye laws or has not paid the membership fee within 3 months, then his membership automatically stands    cancelled or the membership may be transferred with the consent of the Executive Committee.


  2. If the Executive Committee determines that the activities of a member are not in the interests of the Society, then the membership of that person may be cancelled.


  3. The members who were terminated as per (a) or (b) that member may re-enter the Society with such other terms and conditions imposed by the Executive Committee and it is left to the choice of the Executive Committee to accept or reject the application on their re-entry.


  4. If the Society intends to terminate any member as per (a) or (b), the Society may issue notice to that person and give an opportunity to explain about the same and final decision is of the Executive Committee and that member shall be bound by the same.


  5. If any member is terminated by the Society that member is not eligible for any benefits of membership or has no rights what-so-ever in the interests of the Society.


  6. If for any reason, membership is cancelled, at that time without any damages to the rights of the Society, Society is having every right to recover all the arrears due by that member to the Society by taking any suitable action.  Until the clearance of such dues, no facilities are provided to that expelled member and he/she has having no right to use the same.


  7. Member of the Society shall pay fees from time to time to the Society.  If for any reason, the member fails to pay the fees that may be informed to that member through notice. Despite such notice, if he fails to pay the fees that member may lose his right to participate in any of the activities of the Society.