1. Core Interest Groups (CIG) of CNSI

The CNSI will have Core Interest groups in the areas of Neurocognition, which may include Clinical Neuropsychology, Geriatric Neuropsychology, Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, Training of Learning Disabled Children and Autism, Brain Resource (Cognitive) Development for Excellence in Cognitive Performance and Achievement, Study of Sleep and Awareness, Meditation and its effects on the brain and mind, hypnosis and its effect as neurocognitive intervention on the brain and mind, development and applications of methods of Cognitive Neuroscience (functional Neuro Imaging, Cognitive Electrophysiology), etc.

A Core Interest Group will have a Chairperson appointed by the Executive Committee of CNSI. A member may join more than one Core Group and work for the enrichment of clinical and research activities, and sharing of knowledge in the areas. 

2. Academic Support and Guidance

The CNSI will offer scientific support and guidance for the advancement of the vast range of clinical and research activities in the different Cognitive Neuroscience domains to the members of the Society in India.

3. Interaction with other National & International Societies 

The CNSI will also interact with international Neurocognitive Societies through their members.

4. Professional Activities under CNSI 

The CNSI members can conduct, under the umbrella of CNSI, professional activities viz., clinical services, training, conferences, workshops, seminars, and continuing education programs for the benefit of the society and the members of the CNSI.

5.  Professional Expertise

The CNSI must be able to offer professional body of experts who have the professional background for prescribing and regulating training programs and for offering ethical guidelines to support research in Cognitive Neurosciences in general, and in specific areas such as clinical neuropsychological services, Neuropsychological rehabilitation, and other relevant areas.

6. Publication of Journal 

CNSI will publish its own official scientific journal. 

The Journal will be called Indian Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.” 

There will be online (internet) and hard copy of the Journal.